Barrack Street 


Barrack Street 

Location: Barrack Street, Sydney


Client: City of Sydney



The Barrack Street reinvention looks at transforming a busy traffic thoroughfare into a destination plaza. Sydney siders are fastidious about the way they spend their time and with so much competition within the city, Barrack Street will need to be impressive and unique. The space will provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of George Street

and give people a place to congregate and participate in what Sydney has to offer.

  • Pedestrian only street design

  • Space for a community gallery

  • Space for a hospitality venue


The new, inviting and versatile precinct will cater to young professionals and visitors of Sydney by allowing them to gather and experience the history of Sydney oldest street and learn about the

indigenous culture of the area through art. The long reflection pool will mirror the shadows and bounce light around the once dark street. The intricate shadows of the wrought iron inspired shade sails will cast intricate patterns across every surface. Expansive green walls will provide relief from the hard surfaces of the surrounding city. The staircases at either end will provide a place for people to sit and rest as they watch the shadows dance across the water. This fresh, cool and calm space will breath new life into the city of Sydney and provide an oasis in this dense urban environment.

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Concept Sketches




Light Study


Barrack Streets aspect and surrounding architecture has created a dark and uninviting environment. During the design process I undertook a light study. I created a scale model of the street along with the two main design elements, the shade sails and reflection pool. The model was placed outside and angled to the correct aspect. I took a series of photos throughout the day and studied the way the shadows moved across the space. 

This process allowed me to understand the impact of the shade sails and how they decorate the space. It also helped me to understand the scale of the street so that I could ensure it was a comfortable and accessible environment for human interaction. 

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