Le Velo Bicycle Cafe 


Le Velo Bicycle Cafe

Location: Baywater Drive, Wentworth Point, Sydney

Client: Le Velo Bicycle Café


Le Velo Bicycle Café is the newest tenant in the Bellagio's Wentworth Point development. Land that was once consigned to factories is being converted into luxury waterfront apartment complexes and a new and exciting community is emerging. With a thriving coffee and bike culture the clients feel that now is the time to establish themselves in this community. 


The vision for the business is to serve fresh and light meals, coffees, and refreshing beverages to the new, active community. The clients want to keep the high ceilings exposed and have a way to showcase local mural artists.


To achieve this the following  needs to be accomplished;

  • Commercial bar and kitchen fit out design

  • Bathroom design complying with BCA standards

  • Staircase design to upper mezzanine

  • Full documentation set for council approval

Download Full Documentation Set 

The raw industrial exposed ceiling and vast concrete walls create the perfect shell for the Le Velo Bicycle Café. With large murals painted on the walls the space is colourful and bold. The glass, steel and concrete staircase anchors the core of the café with all activity surrounding it.


With seating for almost 145 customers the BCA requirements needed to be of utmost importance to ensure the success of the design. The bathrooms are easy to navigate with an additional accessible bathroom for wheelchair access. The kitchen has compact, efficient design allowing the café to serve small and fresh meals. The bar is designed to allow for alcohol service as well as coffee.

Floor Plan 


Bar Section and Isometric View


Bar Detail Section


Stair Isometric View





1. Exposed Service Powder Coated White

1. Polished Concrete Walls, Bench Tops & Stair Treads

1. Custom Wall Murals by Local Sydney Artist Clare Nakazawa

1. Blackbutt Veneer 

1. Soft Navy Blue Laminate Bar Face

1. Multi Coloured Aggregate White Terrazzo Tiles