Billy Blue College of Design


Billy Blue College of Design  

Location: 46-52 Mountain Street, Ultimo , Sydney


Client: Billy Blue College of Design 



Billy Blue College of Design is looking to expand their tenancy from levels one and two to the ground floor of the Wilcox and Mofflin building in Ultimo. The heritage listed building is a prominent feature of Mountain Street's character and has stood since 1911. A fun, creative and bold brand, Billy Blue has been rapidly growing since day one. With their growing student body and academic staff as well as the in house Billy Blue Creative studio space has become limited.​

  • 1250m2 Ground floor concept design

  • Reinstatement of a Mountain Street entrance

  • Space flexibility

  • Space for 80 -100 Staff members

  • Event Space


The ground floor of the Wilcox Mofflin building will become the new central hub of the ultimo campus. The glass atrium entrance on Mountain Street will draw in student, staff, visitors and curious passer-by. Student works and promotional displays will be showcased along the banks of large windows to boast the high quality of work done students across all design disciplines. Visitors will be greeted by an L-shaped reception desk that is accessible and visible from both entrance of the building. A bold colour scheme representative of the Billy Blue brand will be used to define the spaces and allow for easy way finding. Behind the Reception desk is a stadium style seating arrangement that seats 60 people and can be used to host events, meetings and lectures.

The ground floor is divided up into team neighbourhoods and separated by modular screens with attachments such as whiteboards, plant holders and shelves, allowing staff to personalise their space and adapt it to changing needs. Several meeting rooms have been included throughout the space that are constructed using electrostatic privacy glass as it was important to the client that people could come together away from the open spaces to discuss more private matters. The floorplan and design scheme of the new ground floor will showcase the Billy Blue brand and become a lively exciting spaces for the College community.

Mood Board


Spatial Planning 


Brand Translation

The Billy Blue Brand Guidelines define several different colour schemes. Examining these colour schemes I was able to extract the main colours that best represented each stream. I then work with the vales and hues of those base colours and delivered a resolved and refined colour pallet that would work in an interior scheme but would still be representative of the brand.


Refined Colour Pallet