Concrete Playground


Concrete Playground

Location: No. 1 Bligh Street, Sydney 


Client: Concrete Playground



Concrete playground is the people's personal concierge to all things Sydney, providing people in Sydney with honest reviews, tips and guides to get the most out of this amazing place.

Looking to expand their business and reach a wider audience they plan on moving into the alluring No.1 Bligh Street building in Sydney's CBD.

  • Reception Desk Design

  • Concept for office

  • FF&E schedule


Concrete Playgrounds new office will be a place of excitement and entertainment. Clients will ascend the buildings glass heart and arrive to level 23. They will step out onto beautiful terrazzo floors and walking over to the custom designed reception desk, a powerful and bold sculptural desk rises from the floor and snakes around in the abstracted shape of the companies logo. Framed by a warm walnut wall and with a dash of colour from the capsicum red column this first impression leaves guests with a sense of excitement about what lies behind.

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With a fully functional commercial kitchen and chic bar they will be able to entertain clients, and host new and exciting hospitality experience throughout the year. The kitchen will be leant out to some of the most exciting chefs and mixologists in Sydney for them to experiment and innovate exciting new menus for the people of Sydney.


This new open plan office will be able to house 60 employees, contractors and freelances allowing for Concrete Playground to bring their business offline and into the city it celebrates.

Reception Inspiration Board


Spatial Planning

spacial planning.PNG

Reception Desk 

New Doc 2019-12-01 15.07.28_1.jpg
New Doc 2019-12-01 15.07.28_4.jpg

Elevation showing the fall of the bench top into the floor. 



Scale Model

Built at 1:20 from black cardboard and acrylic paint