Bar & Club For The Deaf Community of Sydney 


Location: Westfield Pitt Street, Sydney 


Client: Eddy - Hospitality venue (Bar)



Bars and clubs in central Sydney are a plenty and in order to stand out from the crowed something special must be on offer. Westfields rooftop offers a prime location for a new and exciting bar that stands out from this crowd. Eddy is a concept bar designed with an integrated closed loop water system and an inclusive seating arrangement designed for Sydney's Deaf community.


Westfields are focused on providing the community with meaningful social experiences and wanted a bar that was sustainable and inclusive of everyone. With one in six people experiencing hearing loss 

this is a market that needs attention.

  • 400m2  single level bar

  • Create a memorable experience for all

  • Sustainability to be considered 

  • Comply with BCA and Liquor licencing standards

  • Name and visual branding


The deaf community is a vibrant, lively group of people with rich social and cultural needs and traditions. The expansive floor plan and dark and moody materiality was consider to allow people to comfortably converse in Auslan between couples and larger groups.

The soft curves of the space with its large walkways and comfortable booth seats allow for comfortable and intimate conversation against a suitable dark and soft backdrop.



As pattern and loud colours can be too straining on the eyes of Deaf and HoH people, texture and muted tones are used throughout. 


Environmental sustainability needs to always be addressed in interior design and with water wasted being a large problem in the hospitality industry the design of Eddy looked at a new way of helping to reuse and recycle gray water. The concept is that the water from the sinks and dishwashers would pass through a sanitation and filtration system that would be disguised as a large water feature and then the water would be used to service the bathroom in the venue. This greatly decrease the waste of water in a creative and standout design feature.

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eddy mood.jpg

Mood Board


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Design Research 

Sydney's Deaf community is a group of people with rich social and cultural needs. Deaf people often don't identify as having a disability but rather as a person who belongs to a vibrant community of people who share a common language, Auslan. As with all groups of people communication and social interaction is very important and for Auslan speakers the environment can have a big impact on ease of communication. 

The design process for this project began with primary and secondary research into what the needs and wants of the Deaf community are. Through an online survey and face to face interview with people of Sydney's Deaf Community I was able to gain a better understanding of what was needed to create and inclusive and thoughtful environment. 



Eddy is a word to describe the circular flow of water against the common flow. The bars name symbolises the way all the elements of the design and concept work together to create a positive space that rejects the 'ordinary'. 



materiality eddy.jpg